About Us


About us :

Sundripped had its beginnings in the golden sands and Atlantic surf of far west Cornwall, where I grew up – a beach lifestyle that then mixed with the vibrant colours and cultures I encountered when travelling the world and living in the Far East. Now back in Cornwall, a few miles from Lands End, my aim in founding Sundripped is simple: to make accessories as beautiful as the shores they might find a home by.
Sundripped’s range of three round tasselled towels – the Mosaic, the Cali and the Ailla – are essentials for anything under the sun: beach, pool or park. Designed to be as soft on the skin as they are distinctive from a distance, Sundripped towels can make their home anywhere in the world.
The Cornish word meaning “most beautiful”: inspired by the vintage surf feel of long hot summer days and the striking granite shores of far west Cornwall.
150cm ~ White & Black
100% Cotton

Greek name meaning “most beautiful”: blends memories of the colours i encountered on the Mediterranean island of Santorini and the energy of California.
150cm ~ Pink, Blue & White
100% Cotton
Simple or intricate? Both ……. The simple bold design looks stunning against the backdrop of golden sands.
150cm ~ Blue & White
100% Cotton